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Diamond Heart Tattoo is owned by Renowned Tattoo Artist Brigi Füzes. Diamond Heart Tattoo offers nothing but the best in dermal artistic services in a luxury clinical grade facility, built to NHS Health Technical Memoranda Regulations. We can guarantee the highest quality body art in the most hygienic Tattoo Parlour you'll find in London. We will not be beaten on quality and are Bexleyheath's Premier Tattoo Specialist.

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  • Owner of Diamond Heart Tattoo Parlour

  • I've been tattooing for nearly 7 years full time, and now specialise in black and grey realism. A big fan of comic book related things, I love doing Marvel and DC related tattoos and look forward to the new characters people are going to want in the future once more films come out!

  • Hello, my name is Dom, I have been tattooing for nearly 20 years. I started out in north London, in Barnet. Then moving to Watford to open 2 studios of my own. I have been very lucky with tattooing as it has let me travel and meet a lot of crazy characters over the past 10-15 years, a lot of these have gone on to be good friends! I have been lucky to work in some amazing studios, in Canada, Australia and Costa Rica, among some amazing artists. I mainly like to work in the realism side of tattooing and drawing, I find it the biggest challenge and that’s what brings a fire to any work is a challenge! I tattoo in both colour and in black and grey, colour again being the greater challenge!!

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  • I grew up in Hungary in a little village in Nagyszenas. I always loved art since I was little. I moved to the UK in 2018 where I was lucky to learn tattooing from my sister, the owner of the studio . My passion became tattooing. My favourite thing to do is black and grey realism and one day I would like to specialise for it, but I also love to do colourful pieces and fine linework.

I've been tattooing for 14 years. I tattooed black & grey realism for 7 years, before deciding to pursue something different; Traditional Japanese with a flare of my own style. I enjoy big projects such as leg sleeves or back pieces as it allows me to put much more detail into my work and the overall piece. 


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