I was born in Hungary in a small village called Nagyszénás. Since I was 5 years old I was drawing 3-4 drawings a day, I was born an artist. The very first drawing I did at nursery was a King sitting on a Throne with fine shading and detail. None of the teachers wanted to believe that I drew it. I had feedback from everybody, they said I’d be a very talented artist when I grew up. This is when I fell in love with art.


When I started Primary School, my mum allowed me to attend evening classes to practice and learn more. Every year I won a competition and my last biggest competition was national at the age of 17 and I won a National Silver Diploma. Some of my Art still hangs on the walls of the Schools and at the College I attended to this very day. Aspiring Artists in Hungary seek to join the same educational institutions where I studied so they can follow in my footsteps.


I am a qualified Painter Artist, my paintings have been shown in many big galleries and were also on television. A year after  qualifying, I started tattooing a year later in Budapest at Shadow Tattoo. Within  a couple of months I'd found my my love and my life: Tattooing... Although my mother wasn’t so happy about it saying that “being an Artist was not a job”. Now she sees it can be a job, my hobby and she now speaks of how proud she is of me.

I tried my luck moving to the UK in 2009, hoping to have a better life as I’d come from an impoverished background. I initially found the life so hard over here because I didn’t speak English and I had no friends; I felt like a child who couldn’t communicate. I needed to do washing up, cleaning and every hard physical job to survive. 3 years later I was speaking fluent English and was ready to get the job I always wanted, which is when I started tattooing in a Tattoo Shop. I had my TV debut on Tattoo Disasters UK which was aired and continues to repeat on Channel 4 and Channel 5 in the UK and on Spike TV in the USA. After another 3 years, I decided to follow my dream and open my own shop, which I named after my Great Grandmother’s Diamond Heart. She was an amazing person, she loved Tattoos and always told me to be true to myself and follow my dreams. Unfortunately, I lost her in March 2015 and  I wish to follow her wisdom and enjoy my life doing what I love. 


I’d like to change the way people think about Tattoos, for those who never appreciated them or saw them for the pieces of art that they are. Having a tattoo is like wearing jewellery that is permanent. They are made with love, a lot of hard work and are an expression of a person’s spirit. They are no longer the cliché markings of Gangsters and Convicts, a totally out of date perception. 

Well, Diamond Heart Tattoo Parlour is my dream. I want to set a good example, do things properly and assist others who are very talented to reach their potential whilst treating them with the respect I myself wanted for so long.

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