Artists spend time on producing your design for your sitting and the deposit protects their time & effort in preparing for your appointment, therefore we have installed the above policy to protect them from loss of earnings for works done. Deposits are 20% of the total cost of a Tattoo and ensure that your appointment is confirmed and cannot be moved or cancelled if another customer wants the same date.

Adults Only Policy
We do not tattoo anyone under 18, period. It is illegal in the UK to tattoo anyone under the age of consent. Under 16's are not allowed on the premises due to its hazardous nature. 16 years and above are allowed to receive body piercings with parental consent. We work in conjunction with Bexley Council and the Metropolitan Police under the Challenge 25 Scheme, if you are under 25, please don't be offended but we will insist on a photo ID.

Respect Policy
Please be kind with us, we work hard to produce the beautiful body art that you desire and work long hours to do so. We have feelings like you and want to be treated fairly.

Customer Only for Policy
Please attend your appointment on your own where possible, we work in a clinical area and need to keep contamination to an absolute minimum. Our working environment must be organised, clean and with noise to a minimum for all artists and customers. Bexleyheath has a lot of shops, restaurants and pubs and friends & family will find it easy to occupy themselves whilst you receive your treatment. Under 16's are not legally allowed inside the premises.

Alcohol & Drugs Policy
Please be sober when you come in. We will refuse service to people who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and you will lose your deposit. 

No Food Policy
Our Parlour is of a high clinical standard and in compliance with Environmental Health, food is banned from the premises in order to keep bacteria at bay.

Pregnant Ladies
Congratulations but unfortunately due to our consideration towards your unborn baby’s health, we will refuse to Tattoo you, it is unethical and dangerous! Your immune system needs to be on top form for your child’s development, and a tattoo would weaken your child’s defences as it will steal your healing power!

Deposits required for all artists
This is not unreasonable or debatable. Our artists work hard for you and apply hours towards each client’s piece. Deposits are required for each artist to protect their time and schedule investment. As soon as your deposit is paid, the proper designing begins and the deposits are non-refundable.

Our artists are independent
What this means for you is that your relationship is with your artist. Each artist has their own rules, pricing structure, etc. 

Signed consent required
While your agreement is with your artist, you also have one with the shop. You cannot get work done at Diamond Heart Tattoo Parlour without signing a consent form and medical questionnaire. 

You’ll read the thing in its entirety before your appointment, but it includes information like; you can’t sue, you listen to us, you aren’t lying about your name and age, you aren’t pregnant, don’t take blood thinning medication, are on recreational drugs, provided ID, things like that. So, read the contract, don’t lie, sign it, and get tattooed.

We reserve the right to refuse work to anyone for any reason
No, this is not slapped in there as an excuse for us to be power hungry. We enjoy working with good people who practice mutual respect and follow our rules. If one of our artists feels that the relationship is not mutually beneficial or it becomes a problem, they reserve the right to refuse service to you. No arguing on your end and no explanation needed on ours. 

Personal Conduct
Please refrain from wiggling, moving or being loud and boisterous. We understand some parts are painful and we will be as gentle as we can, but for best results it is best to be as still as possible. If you need a break, you are more than welcome to it for your own personal comfort.

Kids are restricted
Unfortunately no children under the age of 16 are allowed in the shop, we don’t have the facilities, training or clearance checks to look after them whilst you have your tattoo.

Be on time or communicate
You should be reaching out to your artist if you are going to be late to an appointment or have to reschedule. We will do you the same courtesy. So, be on time, or let us know when you won’t. 

No refunds on deposits
As we will mention on the telephone, your deposit is meant to secure your appointment and to protect your artist’s time and labour investment. We don’t refund deposits. We are professionals and don’t work for free. Your deposit will form part of your total payment for your treatment and is not an addition.

No show means you lose your deposit…and maybe more
If you choose not to show up to your appointment (and don’t make an effort to connect with your artist) you will lose your deposit. Keep in mind that your relationship with your artist is both a personal and professional one. Be courteous. Again, all deposits come off of the total Tattoo cost at the end meaning that you will only ever pay for your completed tattoo in the end. 

Personal Hygiene
Please make sure that you have a shower, smell lovely and shave the area you want tattooed before you arrive. We do have razors but we don’t have clippers, so the long hair will need to go before you show! And honestly, we love working with clean and hygienic people, we don’t like body odour so much or any other unpleasant smells!

No Bartering
Consultations and communications with your artist before your appointment cover costs of the tattoo. Sitting through a session and not having enough money to pay for it is illegal. At the consultation you will know what you are going to have, where it is going to be and the artist will tell you the cost of the session and its total cost if there are many sessions to follow. You are receiving a service for an agreed price and are obligated to pay when the service is complete. If you try bartering about the price when your tattoo is done, the Police will assist. If you choose not to pay at all, the Police will assist. Please help us conduct our business in a polite and amicable manner.

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